What’s your big idea to spark social change in Howard County?

Calling all Changemakers!

The Horizon Foundation and United Way of Central Maryland want to hear innovative ideas to make Howard County better — and we invite YOU to pitch yours!

Whether your idea could impact local health, the environment, social justice, children, teens or older adults … the issues are real and the possibilities to effect lasting social change are endless!

How will you address our most pressing problems?

Despite all the strengths of our community in Howard County, we recognize that many pressing problems continue to persist. One in five Howard County households do not earn enough to meet a basic “survival budget” and face barriers beyond their control that limit their ability to become financially stable, according to United Way data. Chronic diseases like diabetes disproportionately affect people of color in our community. Public transportation remains a hurdle for residents who need to get to work, school or grocery shopping without a car. The list goes on.

Fortunately, Howard County has a long history of tireless work by many individuals and organizations that have brought creative solutions to some of these pressing problems. With the Changemaker Challenge, we are excited to spark and celebrate new and continued innovation in our community. That’s why we want to hear your best out-of-the-box ideas for addressing these and other issues facing our county.

Pitch it to us – how will you spark social change in Howard County?

Hosted by the Horizon Foundation, in partnership with United Way of Central Maryland, the Changemaker Challenge is an event focused on sparking innovation and fresh thinking to address some of Howard County’s most pressing issues.